Flashback - Friends in Tech - A Server Room of Horrors

We always get a bit nostalgic with the holiday season. Here is our very first Friends in Tech holiday special. I feel pretty safe saying that it was the first such holiday special in podcasting at the time. The real effort is what is coming next. A Geek Christmas Carol also from 2005. AGCC really set the bar in podcasting holiday productions, watch for it in a few days.

Saving the Universe!

Having fun playing Galaxian from the 80s courtesy of The Internet Arcade. I just had to pick up a wired XBOX 360 controller, Then grab the OS X Yosemite compatible gamepad driver from Vanilla Gamer, and I was in business! Be sure you grab the v0.11 at the bottom of their download page.

Sure it is a bit overkill to run Galaxian on a macbook pro retina hooked to an Apple cinema display. But why the heck not?!? It is old 80s arcade games after all. Well worth it.